Citrus Fresh For An Uplifting Boost!

Young Livings Citrus Fresh is the perfect combination of Tangerine, Grapefruit, Lemon, Mandarine and Spearmint. Citrus Fresh offers an uplifting ans refreshing aroma that can transform any space in your home or workspace, and can give you an energy boost when you feel like you are running on empty. Just add a few drops to distilled water in a spritzer bottle and spray your rooms to get rid of funky, unwanted odors and to raise energy levels or add to your diffuser for an even better effect.

Essential oils are potent. They are pure volatile substances that need to be used with safety in mind. If you are going to apply directly on to your skin, make sure you alwayd use a carrier oil and remember all citrus oils are photosensitive, which means, don’t go out in direct sunlight after you have applied them or you could emd up looking like an oompa loompa! Always take proper care when using essential oils.



You know this whole Covid19 has got the world into such a state that, you now have mother’s too frightened to take their kids for medical attention because chances are they will be tested for the virus, which in turn could return a fake positive, which then in turn will result in your child being taken off you and put into an isolation facility of which you have no access. The amount of TOTAL BS surrounding these so called safety protocols is like nothing we have ever seen and at best are questionable. WHY are they taking children off their mothers?? Why can’t mothers stay with their children? There is a case here in Australia just this past week, that a new born baby needed medical treatment in a different state, that states borders are closed so this newborn baby was flown to the hospital for treatment, and the mother isn’t allowed to accompany her baby. This is such total crap I cannot even deal. So in order to avoid the soon to be one world government crock of crap that this covid circus is, lets keep the kids well!

The first thing we need to do is look at diet. Our food is so heavily laced with chemicals, disguised as flavorings, colorings and “nutrition”. Of course that is bogus and causing weakness in our immune systems especially that of our kids. So get them off the sugary, processed crappy foods and make your own where possible. Mums who work, I know this is very daunting but it’s going to be worth it to not have some moron medical officer come and take your children if their nose starts running! Introduce fruit & veg in a way that looks interesting and don’t forget to wash your fruit and veg first. Young Living has a vegetable soak that we use to get rid of any chemical residue on our fruit & veg. Home baking is far better for your whole family, it tastes better, it looks better and it doesn’t come wrapped in plastic, so it isn’t leaching dangerous chemicals into your food. Make some gummy lollies, get some cool moulds off ebay and then make some gummies, you will be surprised how easy this is and how much the kids will love them. Food choice needs to be high on the priority list, it will take a bit of extra time but once you are used to it, it will get easier.

The next thing, if at all possible, get the kids off devices and outside. Vitamin D plays a big role in the health of our bodies. Fresh air can do wonders for our mental health, our skin, our lungs. Get in some dirt, grass or sand with your bare feet, I know it sounds undignified to be walking around in bare feet but recent scientific research has shown that ‘Grounding’ is beneficial for inflammation, cardiovascular disease, muscle damage, chronic pain, and mood. I know when I used to feel particularly stressed my husband would take me for a drive up the bush and we would just get out and sit in nature and honestly, it would completely rejuvenate me. The forest/native bush is such an amazing place, the energy, the freshness you will not get anywhere else. Kids love running around in nature if you can get them out there. My eldest daughter lives on a farm and regularly takes the kids for bush walks, and my youngest daughter always bring hers kids out to our farm for some fresh air. It is one of the best things you can do for your kids and it’s free!

Essential oil protocols can be used daily for prevention of any bugs floating around at school and teaching your children good hand hygiene will save a lot of sickness heartache and sleepless nights.

At the end of the day your kids will still get sick, but the severity and length of time they are ill will be significantly shortened. Treating ours & our kids bodies well, will result in it’s ability to expel any virus or disease quicker than if the body was bogged down with toxins. To me it’s worth getting children healthy, it’s worth not having the government taking your kids off you, it’s worth doing to avoid the anxiety of what this world is up to next. I know this will be tough mums, but having someone take your child off you will be tougher!

Essential Oils – Why You Should Try Them

Now I am not here to argue any points about how many roses it takes to make rose oil or how essential oil farming practices are killing the planet,really?, I am here simply to tell you how they have worked for me and my family.  I am studying an aromatherapy specialist course (specializing in menopause) currently, but I have been using oils for about 3 years now. I have not made any money from MLM even though I am involved in them, I just love to use them. I will be launching my own brand in the near future but that is not the reason I am making this post today.

I think we all know what essential oils are by now, I mean you can’t open a magazine or look at your news feed without an ad for essential oils popping up.  Essential oils are the blood of the plant so to speak, they are what keep a plant safe from predators, disease and they also provide the plant with it’s distinct aroma.  For example in Citrus fruit, when you squeeze the rind and all that liquid squirts out, that’s it’s essential oil, roses have that distinct rose smell from the essential oils contained within its petals, some essential oils come from seeds, roots and even the bark and some plants can be used in their entirety.  Essential oils are extracted from their host plants by way of steam distillation or cold pressing.

So, why has the world gone mad and  started replacing main stream medicine with these natural essential oils?  Essential oils have hundreds of different chemical constituents in each drop.  These chemicals interact with our cells in a way that brings wellness and healing to a damaged cell.  Aromatically, the smells of the oils work directly with our brain to induce memories, or they can create new memories relating to that specific oil. For this reason oils are great to use for emotional support.  Here is an example;

When you were a kid you used to visit your grandmothers house on the holidays, (for me it was my aunt), she always had something baking, cakes, biscuits, roasts, puddings. It was always the best time and you have very fond memories of that, so now, every time you smell something baking it reminds you of a fond time in your life. The same is said for essential oils or perfumes, it can be a good or bad experience so make sure when you are using an essential oil for the first time that you are in a good place.  If you want to try lavender for the first time and you are sad or angry, that is the emotion you will relate to smelling that specific oil.  Look, there are technical terms for all this but seriously lets just talk plain English that everyone can understand.

My main use of essential oils is for the emotions. Going through peri menopause nearly did me in, my emotions were on high all the time, I was super angry or super depressed, it’s a terrible place to be.  I was introduced to essential oils and was not at all impressed by the rep so I judged the oils on her lack of knowledge of the product.  I thought they were hippie crap and didn’t want a bar of them.  But I eventually bought a pack and have been using them ever since.  I joined the 2 big mlm companies, yes I know this isn’t allowed, but too bad I love oils from both companies, and like I said, I haven’t made any money out of them so I don’t think they would really care.  So essential oils saved my sanity. They reduced the chemical load I had bought into the house via scented candles, air sprays and those plug in things, all are very toxic and wreak havoc with our endochrine systems.  Suddenly moods improved, and I wasn’t some crazy psycho who wanted to neck herself every other day.  See, I told you, oils literally saved my life.  The other incredible thing was that we didn’t get sick as often. I would have my diffuser going every day and even to this day we have probably been sick half a dozen times, if that, in the past 3 years, for me, this is amazing, winter usually spells disaster for me, but not anymore.

Anxiety is rampant in the world, 3 of my 4 kids suffer from anxiety on different levels.  After much convincing they are now avid essential oil users with manageable anxiety levels.  Don’t get me wrong, essential oils don’t take away all your anxiety but they bring them down to a level you can manage and function with. In some people the anxiety disappears altogether.  What we need to remember is that essential oils are adaptogens, they will adapt with you, if you start using an essential oil with a mindset that they won’t work, then they actually won’t.  Some call this placebo I call this understand how your brain works.  This is sometimes the case with patients who have used meds their whole lives and become totally dependant on them and fear not using them. Chances are the oils won’t work for them because they have a mindset that medicine is the only thing that will work. You will find this a lot in the older generation.  But if you have an open mind to try natural things you will be pleasantly surprised how effectively they do work.

Medically – look I really think there is a place in our world for medicine, without it my youngest daughter would have died, but I think we could be diligent in seeking out the areas that we don’t really need to be using medicines. Headache tablets are a good example, grab some peppermint or lavender in place of tylenol, both work equally as well but the essential oils offer a natural solution and the tylenol a synthetic one.  I would never ingest oils, even though some of the best experts in the world will tell you it’s safe, I have read far too many articles that makes me believe otherwise. Most trained aromatherapists will warn you against it but, you do you.  My advice would be to not listen to your MLM uplines as most times they are not trained, do your own research and then do what you think is best for you and your family. Me, nope, not doing it unless it’s in the form of a supplement. The difference here is the supplement has to go through a process, if you ingest essential oils direct, you are taking the oil in it’s purest form which can be dangerous.

Diffusing is the most effective way to use essential oils for your emotions, clearing your space from negative energies and great for when you are not feeling so well.  Using the essential oils topically (on your skin) is another great way as this will send the oils straight into your blood stream giving you maximum effect. Ingesting is not only dangerous but not as effective as the other 2 methods as the oils have to pass through all your stomach acids which breaks down the oils effectiveness.

Oh I almost forgot, it is CRITICAL that you buy 100% pure oils. Oils you get from the chemist or grocery store will be full of synthetics and fillers. Ingest that and you are on a path to liver hell!  Always buy your oils from reputable companies, do your research, there are a lot of oil companies out there, look for recommendations, ratings and referrals.  Just because an oil label says 100% pure oil will only mean the oil content in that bottle is 100% pure. About 5% of that bottle will contain essential oil and the rest synthetics and fillers.  So be super careful.

So there you have it, if you are interested in natural remedies and solutions then try essential oils!