Current Project

I have about a hundred current projects but this is the one I am working on at present. She was birthed from my intense desire to stop working and just relax and get focused on something creative. Going through menopause brings a tonne of challenges on a daily basis and yesterday was one of those days where I just take some time to draw or completely lose my shit! I chose to draw!

I am still very much the amateur, I dont have a personal style as such, but I really enjoy it. This one is far from finished and my ladies usually have elf ears and lots of piercings. They are not fairies because I am not particularly fond of the whole fairy movement in adults, I would class them more as humans with elf ears and lots of piercings LOL! You will see what I mean in future posts. But for now this is Lady Cate because she kind of reminds me of Cate Blanchett.