Sock Savers!

So I have come up with this new product, well it’s not a new idea, but it’s a new product for me. The idea was inspired by the mens equivalent of this product which is super boring, and I thought I am going to make some of these for women who love to garden! Sock savers were originally designed for men who work outdoors to stop dirt and prickles etc going into their socks and therefore, saving their wives a lot of angst! Sock savers or gaiters as we call them, are typically a khaki colored heavy denim which is super boring. I decided to make some super cute ones. Originally I wanted a heavier denim, but I couldn’t find any with cute patterns, but I managed to find some light denim fabric in the typical blue colors with really cute white designs. I love how they turned out, what do you think?

These are worn on the outside of your boot, over your sock like the bottom picture.

Sock savers……woman’s, gardening best friend!!