Hello and Welcome

My name is Helene and I am a 53 year old grandmother to 7, mother to 4 and wife to my wonderful husband of 37 years. We live on a farm with 200 cows, 3 horses and 14 dogs, a bird and guinea pig. I walk in Faith with Jesus thankfully because without Him, life could be so so different to what we have now. Our kids are amazing, the grandkids are the apples of our eyes, our life is full, but none of it would have been possible without the prayers of my mother and the Grace of the Father in Heaven.

I do a lot of things, I am a part time real estate agent (15 years experience), I sew, I am studying aromatherapy specializing in menopause, I am a poet, I crochet, I have shown & sold art in local shows, I look after our 14 working dogs, I am an active ‘gamer’, but the best thing of all is having my grandchildren on weekends. We are lucky they all live within 15 minutes of us. I have had the fortunate position of being involved with the grandchildren from birth, literally, I was at each birth, but my last grand daughter I was in their with my daughter when she delivered her by C section, I even cut the cord! A very special gift from my youngest daughter.

We have had our fair share of tragedy with the death of my youngest brother, who, was more like one of our children than my brother, it was the hardest time of my life. A few years later my youngest daughter was diagnosed with Crohns disease but not before she was misdiagnosed for a year and nearly died. Thank goodness for Jesus who stepped in when we needed Him to, and saved her life but it has been a looooooong road to recovery for her and me. Countless hours in hospital emergency centres, not something I recommend to anyone but I would do it all again if it meant saving my child.

This blog is a place to share my crafts, stories, remedies, life and encouragement to other grandmothers and mothers when life gets tough. I have a lot of life stories to share and some of you may be dealing with or have gone through the same things as me, so my experiences may help some of you.

So Welcome to Nannee’s Place, I am honored to have you here! xx