Having Trouble Sleeping?…Try This..

So I am a really bad sleeper, have been for probably close on 30 years after my 3rd child was born, she literally didn’t sleep until she went to school, up at least 3 times a night and that’s how life went back then. Of course I didn’t know what I was doing back then so her not sleeping was just a normal part of life. However, it caused me to get into the habit of not sleeping and I have been tired and grumpy ever since LOL! Knowing that little bit of my lack of sleep history you will understand why menopause sleep disruptions aren’t really a problem for me but as I get older I am getting Lot more tired and frustrated that I just can’t go to bed and wake up the net morning.

The other night I put Frankincense on the soles of my feet where they are cracked with some moisturizer, I am trying home remedies for this awful cracked heels of mine, then I put 2 drops each of Frank and Lavender in the diffuser, and a tranquil blend on my chest and I woke up the next morning wondering what happened. I hadn’t gotten up at all, I still had a restless sleep but to not get up 4 times a night is a bloody miracle on it’s own! I tried it again the next night and same thing! I am not sure if I am just super tired or if the Frankincense is calming me right down and putting me into a deep sleep or if it teamed with Lavender is doing the trick or it putting it on my feet was the answer. What I do know is that Frankincense and Lavender are a great team! Maybe try this yourself if you have sleep problems, it will either work or it won’t so nothing to lose!


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