Stop Bagging Out MLM…

So it seems that everywhere I look on social media someone is bagging out someone. Everyone is an expert on every single thing and it annoys me. Today I am taking aim at those who bag out, degrade, belittle and basically talk crap about MLM companies and those who are a part of them. Apparently people who are in MLM companies are brainwashed, brain dead, money hungry, unqualified morons who use products that are over inflated in price and try to ‘peddle’ their wares on to unsuspecting others promising millions of dollars in return! Now while there is a bit of truth to that, NOT ALL people who are in an MLM are like that!! I am in 2 mlms, I am far from brainwashed as I will tell people what works and doesn’t work, I will also tell people to see a doctor where necessary, I share MY experiences and you can listen or not, if not, it’s no big deal. The products ARE usually superior, I have tried at least 15 other companies and none of them compare. I get it though, these days money is tight and people are on a budget so they use non MLM companies, but they don’t need to be running around telling everyone that the MLM companies are bad and so are their products and that’s why they changed. Usually it’s a money issue or they will be people who couldn’t get the business side happening for them.

MLM companies offer the opportunity to earn an income from sharing their products. Much the same as going to work, only at work, your income will never improve regardless of how much work you do. If you don’t want to earn money that’s fine too, there is no pressure to do so.

At the end of the day if you don’t want to be involved in an MLM then don’t, but don’t be a shit to those who are working hard to earn an income to support their families. Don’t condemn products unless you have actually tried them and they had a bad effect on you, even then, your body may just not be suited to that product! Not all bodies are the same. I have a bad reaction to turmeric essential oil, doesn’t mean the product is crap, every single turmeric oil I use from whatever company I try even the cheap ones, has a bad effect on me.

And the same goes for MLM people not to bag out those who chose to use cheaper products from different companies. People are doing the best they can with what they have so respect that. I use 3 different companies for my essential oils, Doterra, Young Living and a local Australian company that is an independent and has been in business longer than the rest of them. Their oils are amazing but they can’t blend as well as Doterra and Young Living. So use whatever you want to, I would think the bigger issue you need to worry about that brand is actually HOW to use them correctly!

Anyway, rant over! Just be bloody KIND!


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