Gaming Over 50…..

I remember when I was a child flogging money from my parents and going to the local milk bar every afternoon to play pinball and space invaders. It was my happy place, something I was really good at and something I loved doing. In those days it wasn’t really that ladylike for girls to play the games but I didn’t care I loved it so much. My reputation was “the pinball wizard” because I could beat everyone and would rack up that many free games that most days I only needed enough money to start a game the rest I earned for free.

So I was contemplating my life recently and doing some business training where my coach was talking about passions and turning our passion into a business etc. While I like a lot of different things and do a lot of different things I could not pin point my passion. Shit I have been a mother since I was 16 I didn’t have the time or energy to develop who I was let alone any passions. So I had to look deeper to see if there was anything that I truly loved in my childhood that had carried through to my adulthood. It took a while and a fair bit of inner searching because remembering anything fun or pleasant from my childhood was a challenge, but as I sat playing Candy Crush I realised it was right in front of me, literally staring me in the face. GAMING!

To this day it is still my favourite thing to do. I play games every single day. When I want to chill out or destress I play a game on my phone or iPad. I don’t have any gaming consoles at the moment, my son does and he is an online gamer. We have bought him all the latest computer gear so he can have the best chance at being all he wants to be in the gaming world. I have decided though, that I am going to buy some gaming consoles and get back into my newly found ‘old’ passion.

I love doing crosswords too. I believe that when we challenge our brains we stay sharp and active. Well I haven’t challenged my brain for nearly 2 years and I can tell you my brain is nowhere near as sharp as it was, I am forgetful, I am tired and I just don’t have the words that I used to. I feel like now is the time for me to get out of my way too long menopause funk and get back to me, the real me, not the version of me that had to be and I think gaming is going to play a pivotal role in that.

So while essential oils, craft and art are still very dear to my heart I have realised they aren’t my passion. I am going to start a Facebook page for people over 50 who want to learn the joy of gaming. Maybe there are others the same? Let me know if you think you could enjoy playing games!


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