My View Today….

As some of you may be aware my youngest daughter has Crohns Disease, a debilitating auto immune disease that attacks the bowel. Since having Crohns she has also developed psoriasis and chronic sinusitis more auto immune diseases. To say life is a bit tough for her is an understatement. She has 3 children and luckily a very supportive husband who does whatever it takes to help make life a bit easier for her.

So today is infusion day. Every 6 weeks we have to drive an hour away to the hospital where her specialist team is. She is one of the worst cases they have seen so she is pretty famous amongst these doctors. She was given misdiagnosis after misdiagnosis at our local hospital for a year until she almost died and was sent by ambulance to a better hospital. I believe God intervened there and got her the help she so desperately needed.

Fast forward to today and she now has infusions every 6 weeks which keeps the disease in check. It’s like chemo but not as harsh. These trips are hard on me, the older I get the less happy I am to travel and the traffic in these big areas is just ridiculous. I think the traffic in our little regional town is bad enough. Anyway you do what you can for your children amiright!

There is no cure for Crohns but it can be managed. It’s a dreadful disease but with a good Crohns diet you can start feeling a lot better. The terrible thing about this diet is that eating healthy can be a big problem, that’s what we have found with my daughter. Certain fruits and veg will make her sick and yet certain fast food won’t bother her. It’s figuring out what food works for her and it’s not as easy as it sounds.

But for today, I am blessed that my daughter lived, I thank God that she didn’t have to have a bag, and I thank God that I am able to drive her and get her what she needs.

Headed to the coast hospital and there are semi’s all over the road today!
My view today!
Cannula is in and the meds are pumping!
2 of those little bags of gold and we will be done!
Ahhhhhhh back to the country!

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