Christmas decorating diy

So we are fortunate enough to have dozens of Crows Ash trees on this farm. Crows Ash trees have the most amazing seed pods that drop around this time every year. The trees seem to lose their leaves and are left with hundreds of this prehistoric looking seed pods which are great for crafts and DIY if you have a good imagination.

Hundred of these seed pods are dropped all over the farm.
The trees drop their leaves to produce these crazy looking seed pods!
You can see the seed pods on the branches.

So what I decided to do with them this year is paint them gold for decorations on the tree and in a basket I had that I painted white.

This is what I ended up with for a table decoration.
And I added some to my tree.

I still have a wreath to make and some more decorations for the tree. We are heading back up the paddock to get some more, I feel like it’s such a waste to leave them all their all over the ground but I can’t think of any other projects! So I will keep you posted on the wreath, hopefully I can get it started next week!


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