I never thought I would see that day that I would be making scrunchies! I mean even though I use them to keep my bun in place I just think they are so uncool. That is until my daughter asked me to make some for my granddaughters. I agreed of course, after telling her how lame I thought it was to make them, but I soon changed my mind when she told me how popular they are at the moment!

So the first scrunchie kind of went down ok, super easy to make and as I kept making them I really started to enjoy it. I always thought scrunchies were pretty lame but I am fast becoming obsessed with them. The other awesome thing is I have some pretty nice fabric especially my line of aboroginal print fabrics, they are absolutely beautiful and will be mainly used for oil bags I am making, but I am doing a few sneaky hair scrunchies with that fabric as well. Here’s to the humble hair scrunchie may her comeback be colorful!



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