Dieting and Mindset

So, I started a new diet this week……started it and finished it on the same day, how clever am I! I gotta say dieting is waaaaay worse than giving up smoking ever was.

I smoked for most of my life and by the end I was smoking 50 plus cigarettes a day. I barely ate anything unless it was junk food, I rarely drank water and I drank way too much coffee. I was stick thin as opposed to now, my skin was gaunt and my lungs were so weak, the perfect picture of health really. So when the time came to give it up I went against all the rules and replaced nicotine with sugar!

It’s been 8 years this year since I gave up and now in my early 50’s I think its time to knock some of this weight off and get some form of healthy happening in my body. I thought going keto would be easy, or paleo, but both proved to be no good for me, I could always make an excuse on those diets why I could eat certain food (sweets). Sugar is in everything even our water. It’s no wonder we have such a hard time giving it up.  I am going to try again but there is absolutely no point unless my head is right. Mindset is EVERYTHING when giving up an addiction so I have learned from experience.  When I gave up smoking it was about my 20th attempt, every other time I wasn’t ready, every other time I had an excuse to KEEP smoking and then after my youngest brother died, I had an excuse to STOP smoking. I never wanted to put my children through that trauma when it could be avoided.  So over the next few weeks I am going to focus on getting my head around not eating sweets and teach my mind that sugar is not comfort it is death to my system that I am trying so hard to keep toxins out of.  

How am I going to get my mind right? Not really sure about that yet, I can’t remember what I did with the ciggies, I think I just kept busy and used sheer brute strength to get through the tough bits. Trouble is I am a lot older and don’t have that strength anymore. Prayer will play a big part but physically I will get some healthy food that doesn’t taste like crunchy cardboard and trick my body into thinking “hmmm this isn’t too bad.” Essential oils will play a big role in keeping me calm of course and working will keep me physically active.  I reckon I’ve got this, but I will let you now!



Well probably for the most part people are sick to death of hearing about and seeing essential oils every where they look. They are sick of the justifications, the claims, the medical advice from non medical persons and the call to hideous wealth. People are just getting over it, however, I want to show you how I use essential oils as the world’s once biggest skeptic, to the world’s biggest fan (ok maybe not biggest) of essential oils.

When I first heard about oils I straight up had my guard up, my bristles were spiking up and down my back, and the claws were out ready to attack this new age hippie that stood before me, trying to get me to put an oil on my body so I could experience how amazing they were. I didn’t want to try her hippie juice, I wanted this woman to go away. But I was there at this presentation for my daughter’s sake, it was her meeting, I was just there for support. I remember getting a stress headache because this woman was railroading me, and there was little I could do about it but smile and wave, which is typically not what I would normally do. To cut a long story short, she told me to put peppermint on the back of my neck and that would get rid of the headache. Offff couurse it willll was my reply but I did it anyway and within 10 minutes my headache was gone. That was the start of my oily journey 2 years ago. I have swapped from Young Living to Doterra and back again, I have used oils off amazon, from the chemist and local health food shop, I have used organic oils and non organic oils alike and I can honestly say that Young Living are the best oils I have used and continue to use.

Lets talk chemicals for a bit. Chemicals are found in just about everything we eat, wear, spray on our foods, our cosmetics, soap, everything. Chemicals are causing disruptions to our bodies, our childrens bodies, how they grow, how they develop, how our brains are developing and so forth. Once upon a time I didn’t think too much about this or even care, when I was young I was invincible, I was a smoker, I ate what I liked, I was thin, I likened myself to Xena Princess Warrior. It wasn’t until ‘old age’ started to set in that I realised that lifestyle and ridiculous attitude has signed me up for a less than healthy old age and an even worse menopause. So if you are young start taking care of your body now because it is a whole lot harder when you hit 40’s and then 50’s to undo the years of complacency with your health. So, anyway, this is why I continue to use essential oils, they are chemical free, natural and used correctly won’t have any side effects. They literally work quicker than a lot of meds and they help improve cellular function in the body. Don’t get me wrong I still do medicine when necessary and doctors are essential. If you break your arm don’t grab for the nearest bottle of Lavender get to the doctor, if you have any illness that isn’t getting better get to the doctor you could be prolonging some underlying issue.

So, for me essential oils is a no-brainer, I have all but swapped out chemicals in my bathroom for natural products, all cosmetics, soaps, shampoos, moisturisers, make up is all natural. Essential oils have helped me through some pretty dark times with menopause. Emotionally they will help ground you, they will stop you from killing your spouse, yelling at the kids and kicking the dog. Oils are very calming and will help you get yourself together in a way that you can take a breather and think about your next move. This is really important for any hormone related issue that arises.

Essential oils are for wellness. They are to avoid illness by keeping you above the wellness line. They are not for curing disease and chronic illness although many profess to this, I for one know they work for surface issues but for illness such as cancer etc I would not be mucking around with that, get to a doctor. There have been many many horror stories because people are taking the advice of MLM dsitributors who are at large untrained and unqualified to be giving any medical advice on anything. Don’t do that, get trained professional help and leave the essential oils for emotional issues, calming the kids, getting grounded, helping with skin issues etc. Essential oils will save you emotionally from using anti depressants and heavy drugs like that which I don’t agree with. My daughter was on anti depressants and it made her worse, she now uses oils and has a better understanding of her emotional issues. Use essential oils in your diffuser in your home to uplift the funk in your home. Essential oils can be great in flu seasons to ward of viruses and germs, they are a great protection against seasonal threats and they are also great to use for head colds etc. This is how I use essential oils. I NEVER ingest, EVER. They funny thing with oils is that once you start using them you respond differently to chemicals and at large the world around you. I know for me I want to do better for my health and my home. It’s like health and essential oil use goes hand in hand, it’s very interesting.

So, that is why I use essential oils. Can I be so bold as to tell you to try them, you could very well be surprised!

Citrus Fresh For An Uplifting Boost!

Young Livings Citrus Fresh is the perfect combination of Tangerine, Grapefruit, Lemon, Mandarine and Spearmint. Citrus Fresh offers an uplifting ans refreshing aroma that can transform any space in your home or workspace, and can give you an energy boost when you feel like you are running on empty. Just add a few drops to distilled water in a spritzer bottle and spray your rooms to get rid of funky, unwanted odors and to raise energy levels or add to your diffuser for an even better effect.

Essential oils are potent. They are pure volatile substances that need to be used with safety in mind. If you are going to apply directly on to your skin, make sure you alwayd use a carrier oil and remember all citrus oils are photosensitive, which means, don’t go out in direct sunlight after you have applied them or you could emd up looking like an oompa loompa! Always take proper care when using essential oils.


Well this could ruffle some feathers and upset some MEN out there but guys this one’s for YOU!

Menopause, that dreaded time in your wife’s life where your world is going to be turned upside down, and you will have no clue as to what is going on unless your wife has prepared you in the years prior, which is what I did to my husband. Men are not going to understand the crazy woman that once was his beautiful, sane, stable wife. Men won’t understand why she is all of a sudden crying, then happy, then suddenly turns into the hulk, none of it will make sense unless you are prepared for this time in your wife’s life. So, I am here to tell you men, SHE CAN’T HELP IT! Your wife who has bore your children, kept your house, cooked your meals, done your washing, be there at your beck and call for your whole married life is now going to need YOU to support HER. She is going to need you to help in the house when she is struggling or if you still have kids at home help with the kids, don’t just come home from work and expect her to wait on your hand and foot when clearly she is having a crap day! She is going to need your support, she is going to need you to hear her when she speaks, or hear her when she doesn’t.

Menopause is a very difficult time for couples and a lot don’t make it. Women go through a transition from youth into old age, you can get all technical but that is basically what it is. During this transition women’s hormones are declining, body systems are out of whack because of the declining hormones and oftentimes your wife will be ill, her bones will literally feel like they are breaking, her body loses the ability to regulate temperature so she will have incredible bouts of heat, sweating profusely, her feet will burn, her face will burn, her body will spike and thats just the beginning. Men if you think you will ever go through anything (naturally) that compares to child birth and menopause let me correct you! YOU WON’T! Oh lets not forget the crawling skin that makes you feel like you have a thousands bugs under your skin trying to get out, I get this on my face and it’s the most annoying thing! The fatigue your wife will go through is debilitating, I am lucky I work from home so if I feel like crap I can just chill here, but a lot of women have to go to work every day, then come home look after the kids, cook dinner and then tend to your needs all while battling horrific fatigue. Some days I felt like just going to sleep and never waking up the fatigue was that bad. The constant nausea is foul, and you can’t function properly when you feel like that but somehow, women have to work out how to function, they have too much to do. Her whole body will ache, every muscle, every sinew, every cell and every bone will feel like the battle of the 5 armies is going down in her body. The headaches are some of the most powerful, intense headaches I have ever had, just breathing hurts.

Most of you are going to hate this part but your wife is NOT going to want sex. 99% of women just could not give a toss and it’s the furthest thing from their minds. When they get to bed they just want to sleep and be left alone. Surely, you can give her some grace for a while, surely you will not die if you don’t have sex for a while, surely you can put yourself on hold to help your wife who has given so much of herself to you for years, surely. If you can’t do that then you have too much time on your hands and you are a selfish a****le. If she does give in to you because, you will surely lose your appendage if you don’t get sex, then it will be a very painful experience for her. The physical transition in her plumbing is pretty gross, but it’s also painful, especially when the plumber thinks the taps need tightening.

I understand most men love their wives and they want to help, but men are generally selfish and don’t want to be put out. If you truly, and I mean truly, love you wife, you will transition with her not against her, you will hold her hand when she is lost, you will buy her flowers when she feels ugly and alone, you will recognize when she is struggling and give her a cuddle to make her feel better (WITHOUT ulterior motives). Guys, this can last for up to 10 years so prepare yourself now, you can make it through if you keep the communication lines open. Don’t go sniffing around younger women because you feel it’s your right to have sex and you will get it where you can, that’s crap, don’t do it! Honor your wives, be the man you were put here to be, help your wife get through the most difficult transition in her life and I promise you, your old age (yes you will get old too!) will be wonderful. I can tell you my husband and I have been together for 37 years, we were young teens when we got together and it’s been a tough road, but he has made sure menopause has not left me alone, he has done all the things and we have peace and harmony in our home.

Guys, it is possible to love your wife deeply even if you aren’t having sex right now. It is possible to love your wife deeply if she sleeps in another room or if she is crazy or if she looks like crap. True love will see through all that and still see the woman you married, true love will see her beauty regardless of the demon woman standing in front you. True love will endure, it was made to endure and from it will emerge the most amazing partnership you will ever experience. Keep the lines of communication open, always talk to each other, ask her how you can help her, make her feel important and you WILL get through this. Menopause is crap, but with an understanding supportive husband it is just that fraction bit easier!

Ladies: while this is a hard time for you it’s going to be a hard time for your husband as well. Educate yourselves before you hit menopause age, or if you are already there, explain to him how you are feeling is normal, explain how you don’t like it anymore than he does and you aren’t doing it on purpose to punish him or cause his life to be crap. Explain to your husband that you need his support and when you are having a bad day tell him. I pre-warned my husband and even then he wasn’t prepared for the monster that I turned into and nor was I, it took me by surprise, I just thought I was losing my mind. Once we realised what was going on it made it easier to deal with. I am still going through it and so is my husband, but we laugh a lot, he knows when I am having a bad day and will just hold my hand and not talk. Ladies help your husbands understand what you are going through and you both will be able to cope better and save, if not improve your marriage, especially if it is worth holding on to.

I write this article from my own experiences and also from many other women in groups that I am a part of. Most women feel alone, scared, and disconnected from their husbands and it’s really sad. Essential oils have helped me through this transition but that’s for another post.


You know this whole Covid19 has got the world into such a state that, you now have mother’s too frightened to take their kids for medical attention because chances are they will be tested for the virus, which in turn could return a fake positive, which then in turn will result in your child being taken off you and put into an isolation facility of which you have no access. The amount of TOTAL BS surrounding these so called safety protocols is like nothing we have ever seen and at best are questionable. WHY are they taking children off their mothers?? Why can’t mothers stay with their children? There is a case here in Australia just this past week, that a new born baby needed medical treatment in a different state, that states borders are closed so this newborn baby was flown to the hospital for treatment, and the mother isn’t allowed to accompany her baby. This is such total crap I cannot even deal. So in order to avoid the soon to be one world government crock of crap that this covid circus is, lets keep the kids well!

The first thing we need to do is look at diet. Our food is so heavily laced with chemicals, disguised as flavorings, colorings and “nutrition”. Of course that is bogus and causing weakness in our immune systems especially that of our kids. So get them off the sugary, processed crappy foods and make your own where possible. Mums who work, I know this is very daunting but it’s going to be worth it to not have some moron medical officer come and take your children if their nose starts running! Introduce fruit & veg in a way that looks interesting and don’t forget to wash your fruit and veg first. Young Living has a vegetable soak that we use to get rid of any chemical residue on our fruit & veg. Home baking is far better for your whole family, it tastes better, it looks better and it doesn’t come wrapped in plastic, so it isn’t leaching dangerous chemicals into your food. Make some gummy lollies, get some cool moulds off ebay and then make some gummies, you will be surprised how easy this is and how much the kids will love them. Food choice needs to be high on the priority list, it will take a bit of extra time but once you are used to it, it will get easier.

The next thing, if at all possible, get the kids off devices and outside. Vitamin D plays a big role in the health of our bodies. Fresh air can do wonders for our mental health, our skin, our lungs. Get in some dirt, grass or sand with your bare feet, I know it sounds undignified to be walking around in bare feet but recent scientific research has shown that ‘Grounding’ is beneficial for inflammation, cardiovascular disease, muscle damage, chronic pain, and mood. I know when I used to feel particularly stressed my husband would take me for a drive up the bush and we would just get out and sit in nature and honestly, it would completely rejuvenate me. The forest/native bush is such an amazing place, the energy, the freshness you will not get anywhere else. Kids love running around in nature if you can get them out there. My eldest daughter lives on a farm and regularly takes the kids for bush walks, and my youngest daughter always bring hers kids out to our farm for some fresh air. It is one of the best things you can do for your kids and it’s free!

Essential oil protocols can be used daily for prevention of any bugs floating around at school and teaching your children good hand hygiene will save a lot of sickness heartache and sleepless nights.

At the end of the day your kids will still get sick, but the severity and length of time they are ill will be significantly shortened. Treating ours & our kids bodies well, will result in it’s ability to expel any virus or disease quicker than if the body was bogged down with toxins. To me it’s worth getting children healthy, it’s worth not having the government taking your kids off you, it’s worth doing to avoid the anxiety of what this world is up to next. I know this will be tough mums, but having someone take your child off you will be tougher!


I never thought I would see that day that I would be making scrunchies! I mean even though I use them to keep my bun in place I just think they are so uncool. That is until my daughter asked me to make some for my granddaughters. I agreed of course, after telling her how lame I thought it was to make them, but I soon changed my mind when she told me how popular they are at the moment!

So the first scrunchie kind of went down ok, super easy to make and as I kept making them I really started to enjoy it. I always thought scrunchies were pretty lame but I am fast becoming obsessed with them. The other awesome thing is I have some pretty nice fabric especially my line of aboroginal print fabrics, they are absolutely beautiful and will be mainly used for oil bags I am making, but I am doing a few sneaky hair scrunchies with that fabric as well. Here’s to the humble hair scrunchie may her comeback be colorful!