I Bombed…

Oh wow I bombed on the daily scripture didn’t I? I really wanted to do that everyday for people and then life got in the way again.I am battling at the moment, being middle aged, being a failure, being a mother, being a real estate agent you know all the things that we women tell ourselves every single day. Everything is getting on top of me and I am letting it. Why do we allow things to rule us? Why do we, as women, always have to be the one’s that feel like we aren’t good enough? Is it ingrained in us generationally since Eve, because she did the wrong thing now all women have to suffer? Eve and I are going to have a serious discussion when I get to Heaven because she has a lot of women to answer for!In the meantime I am going to start reading a book by Dr Caroline Leaf who is not only a neuroscientist, but she is also a woman of faith. In order to control our lives we have to first control our thoughts, I don’t know about you but that is incredibly hard. You just need some fool to back into your car, or some relative to annoy you, or one of your kids to do the wrong thing and all the ‘thinking’ goes out the bloody door. I think we as a generation lack discipline, I know I do, I just lose my shit instead of being calm and dignified and processing things like a human and not some animal. These things have to change because as I get older, I don’t seem to get calmer, maybe it’s menopause, maybe it’s stress, but whatever it is, I am not aligned with Heaven and I am not walking in the Grace God gave us. I know for me to secure my spot in Heaven all the above has to change. It will be a hard road I reckon, but through prayer and persistence I think I can do it. If not, well I dunno…………

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