Crypto Currency, Are You A Dabbler?

Well I can certainly say that I am a huge dabbler in the crypto world. I have missed out on huge opportunity for lack of knowledge on this unusual form of currency.  Way way back I remember being offered the opportunity to buy bitcoin when it was about $8 a coin. Of course me in all my wisdom told this person off for trying to shuffle a scam onto me and I walked away. But the crappier thing was that my husband and I invested in a dead currency the Iraqi Dinar, this was going to be the lifesaver of all lifesavers. It was to revalue and make us all billionaires, so we sank a tonne of money into it. Can you imagine the stupidity of this now. We gave up the opportunity to buy bitcoin that DID in fact make a lot of people millionaires and more, for the opportunity to wait for 10 years, get no return on our money, and sell it back for a total loss. People are still buying this scam and its been over 10 years now, the same information about how “it’s happening this weekend” is consistently re-hashed every few weeks. My friend who go me into this is STILL waiting and believing. It’s really sad.  You live and learn.

These days bitcoin is over $14k AUD and we have invested a small amount into that and Ripple, and a weeny bit on Dogecoin. I have no idea what I am doing in this realm but somewhere along the line we will make a profit.  If you know what you are doing there is a lot of money to be made, if you don’t, there is even more to be lost. Investing in stocks, currency or whatever is risky if you don’t know what you are doing, and if you listen to the latest ‘guru’ on the webs, well lets just say from experience, that’s a really bad idea.  Do some proper research, listen to podcasts, get some advice from reputable brokers. Avoid the loss and do the homework.  Joining these things to get rich quick is not going to work!


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