How to Use Essential Oils Safely

General Safety Guidelines

Essential oils can be safely used to enhance wellbeing and as part of a healthy lifestyle. They are used by millions of people every day, most of them without incident. However, essential oils are powerful substances and can be harmful if not used with due care and diligence. The essential oil in a bottle is 50-100 times more concentrated than in the plant, and safety issues apply to essential oils that do may not apply to the whole plant or herbal extract.

There is a lot to know about essential oil safety, and this page only encompasses general safety guidelines.

If you are currently experiencing and adverse reaction to essential oils, please view the First Aid Guidelines.

Topical use and dilution

Do not apply undiluted essential oils to your skin. It’s that simple. The most common adverse reaction, experienced by hundreds, possibly thousands of people every year, is a skin reaction, and the most common cause is using an undiluted essential oil. Generally, the reasons for doing this are either (1) ignorance: no-one told you this wasn’t a good idea, or (2) someone told you that it was a good idea, and that it was safe.

Table with recommended topical percentages

Table with recommended topical percentages

Above is a Table with general guidelines for the dilutions of essential oil that are commonly used in different scenarios. For children, see the chart below under “Children”. Here is a Dilution Guideline Chart for your use.

Some essential oils, such as lemongrass, clove or cinnamon bark, are more likely to cause skin reactions than others. However, people frequently have bad reactions to essential oils that are relatively safe because they are used undiluted (see database). This is not because these essential oils contain impurities. The same companies that tell us genuine essential oils can’t cause adverse reactions are the same brands causing most of the reactions. The simple fact is, dilution and risk are directly linked, and this is a well-known phenomenon in dermatology and toxicology.

If you have an allergic reaction to an essential oil, your immune system has been primed, usually for life, so you might need to avoid that oil indefinitely. Click here for Adverse Reaction Reports featuring allergic contact dermatitis. Irritation is different, does not involve the immune system, and usually happens from improper use. Click here for Adverse Reaction Reports featuring irritant contact dermatitis. For more information on irritant and allergic skin reactions to essential oils, read our detailed description here.

bathtimePerhaps even more important, do not put drops of essential oil into a bath and then step into it. Essential oils do not mix with water, they float in tiny droplets on the surface, and you are about to sit on those droplets of undiluted essential oil. Whenever essential oils are ‘mixed’ with water without a dispersing agent, there is a risk of irritation, since undiluted droplets of essential oil attach to the skin, often in sensitive areas. Because the oils are warmed up by the water, and also cannot evaporate, they often sting like crazy. Click here for Adverse Reaction Reports featuring bath and washing products.  Therefore, essential oils always need to be fully dispersed in and appropriate base before being added to a bath.

We have put together a Bath Safety page, listing suitable dispersants and how to use them, as well as explaining why substances such as Epsom salts or milk do not work.

Undiluted essential oils should not be dripped into the ears, but diluted essential oils may be placed on a cotton wad for partial insertion.

Do not drip undiluted essential oils into eyes as this will cause a chemical burn and may result in temporary blindness. Diluted essential oils may be used close to the eyes. More here.

Oral ingestion

Do not ingest essential oils unless advised to do so by a practitioner who is qualified/licensed to prescribe essential oils in this way. Taking essential oils orally engages many areas of risk that other modes do not. Do not take essential oils either undiluted or in water, as there is a risk of mouth/stomach irritation. This is similar to what happens in a bath (see above) except that mucous membrane tissue is more sensitive than skin, yet our gut only sends out pain signals when erosion has progressed quite far. Essential oils are widely used in food flavorings, and GRAS status for many essential oils applies to food flavoring use, but it specifically excludes medicinal use. One or two drops of most essential oil can be safely taken in a day, but more than this is not recommended.

Inhalation and diffusion

It is not advisable to directly and intensively inhale essential oils for longer than 15-20 minutes, such as with steam inhalation. However, this does not apply to ambient inhalation from essential oils vaporized into the air. If you are diffusing essential oils, it makes more sense to do this intermittently than constantly, all day long. Ideally, diffuse essential oils for 30-60 minutes on, then 30-60 minutes off. This is not only safer, but it’s also more effective as both our bodies and our nervous system habituate to essential oils after this period of time. Whenever you are using or diffusing essential oils, some air exchange (fresh air) is advisable.

Although perfumes have been known to exacerbate asthma, this has never been recorded for an essential oil. However, anecdotal accounts suggest that individuals with asthma may find that certain essential oils trigger an attack.

Naked flames
Essential oils are flammable, and should not be used in any way that involves close proximity to a naked flame or similar fire hazard. Essential oils are not explosive, and they are safe when used in a diffuser, but there is some degree of risk. Burners that are lit with a candle flame are not recommended, but fragrant candles are safe.


Keep essential oils in a place where young children cannot reach them, and never let them handle essential oils bottles. Even two-year old kids have been known to unscrew caps on essential oil bottles and drink the contents. The fact that the bottle contains an orifice reducer helps a little, but young children are used to sucking liquids. This usually results in a visit to the emergency room. While the end result is rarely fatal, every year there are some very close calls. To help prevent such accidents, all essential oils should be sold in bottles with child-proof caps. Of course this doesn’t always work, but it does make a difference.

Recommended dilution ranges according to age groups

Recommended dilution ranges according to age groups

Above is an age-related Table for recommended dilutions. For the three younger age groups (up to age 6) this applies to any topical application. For the older two age groups (6 to adult) the percentages are for full-body applications. More concentrated dilutions can be used for local applications (small areas of skin). Here is a Dilution Guideline Chart for your use.


If you have a skin condition, are pregnant, have epilepsy or asthma, are on a course of treatment with prescribed medication, or are in any doubt about any condition you may have, you are advised to seek the advice of a doctor or suitable practitioner before using pure essential oils.

This is a set of general safety guidelines to help you use essential oils with minimal risk. And remember, risk and hazard are two different things to consider.

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This whole article I took from Tisserand Institute because Robert Tisserand is the world leader in essential oils safety and how to use the oils correctly. He is world reknowned and and absolute authority on essential oils safety.


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These days bitcoin is over $14k AUD and we have invested a small amount into that and Ripple, and a weeny bit on Dogecoin. I have no idea what I am doing in this realm but somewhere along the line we will make a profit.  If you know what you are doing there is a lot of money to be made, if you don’t, there is even more to be lost. Investing in stocks, currency or whatever is risky if you don’t know what you are doing, and if you listen to the latest ‘guru’ on the webs, well lets just say from experience, that’s a really bad idea.  Do some proper research, listen to podcasts, get some advice from reputable brokers. Avoid the loss and do the homework.  Joining these things to get rich quick is not going to work!

Daily Scripture – 14/06/20

But those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.


So good news! Scripture says that those who wait (stay grounded, stand still) will have their strength renewed!! If you are going through tough times don’t stress, don’t worry, don’t be anxious, God is there to give you the endurance you need to run through these times and not get tired. The world is full of hate at the moment, and while we are growing weary with what’s in front of us God is saying “hang on a minute I told you to wait for my next move, Hope in Me, I will get you through this without feeling like you have run a marathon! Hope in Me, says the Lord and you will soar above the trouble!

Thank you Lord for giving us the tools we need to get through these times and help us Lord to use them! Amen.

Essential Oils – Why You Should Try Them

Now I am not here to argue any points about how many roses it takes to make rose oil or how essential oil farming practices are killing the planet,really?, I am here simply to tell you how they have worked for me and my family.  I am studying an aromatherapy specialist course (specializing in menopause) currently, but I have been using oils for about 3 years now. I have not made any money from MLM even though I am involved in them, I just love to use them. I will be launching my own brand in the near future but that is not the reason I am making this post today.

I think we all know what essential oils are by now, I mean you can’t open a magazine or look at your news feed without an ad for essential oils popping up.  Essential oils are the blood of the plant so to speak, they are what keep a plant safe from predators, disease and they also provide the plant with it’s distinct aroma.  For example in Citrus fruit, when you squeeze the rind and all that liquid squirts out, that’s it’s essential oil, roses have that distinct rose smell from the essential oils contained within its petals, some essential oils come from seeds, roots and even the bark and some plants can be used in their entirety.  Essential oils are extracted from their host plants by way of steam distillation or cold pressing.

So, why has the world gone mad and  started replacing main stream medicine with these natural essential oils?  Essential oils have hundreds of different chemical constituents in each drop.  These chemicals interact with our cells in a way that brings wellness and healing to a damaged cell.  Aromatically, the smells of the oils work directly with our brain to induce memories, or they can create new memories relating to that specific oil. For this reason oils are great to use for emotional support.  Here is an example;

When you were a kid you used to visit your grandmothers house on the holidays, (for me it was my aunt), she always had something baking, cakes, biscuits, roasts, puddings. It was always the best time and you have very fond memories of that, so now, every time you smell something baking it reminds you of a fond time in your life. The same is said for essential oils or perfumes, it can be a good or bad experience so make sure when you are using an essential oil for the first time that you are in a good place.  If you want to try lavender for the first time and you are sad or angry, that is the emotion you will relate to smelling that specific oil.  Look, there are technical terms for all this but seriously lets just talk plain English that everyone can understand.

My main use of essential oils is for the emotions. Going through peri menopause nearly did me in, my emotions were on high all the time, I was super angry or super depressed, it’s a terrible place to be.  I was introduced to essential oils and was not at all impressed by the rep so I judged the oils on her lack of knowledge of the product.  I thought they were hippie crap and didn’t want a bar of them.  But I eventually bought a pack and have been using them ever since.  I joined the 2 big mlm companies, yes I know this isn’t allowed, but too bad I love oils from both companies, and like I said, I haven’t made any money out of them so I don’t think they would really care.  So essential oils saved my sanity. They reduced the chemical load I had bought into the house via scented candles, air sprays and those plug in things, all are very toxic and wreak havoc with our endochrine systems.  Suddenly moods improved, and I wasn’t some crazy psycho who wanted to neck herself every other day.  See, I told you, oils literally saved my life.  The other incredible thing was that we didn’t get sick as often. I would have my diffuser going every day and even to this day we have probably been sick half a dozen times, if that, in the past 3 years, for me, this is amazing, winter usually spells disaster for me, but not anymore.

Anxiety is rampant in the world, 3 of my 4 kids suffer from anxiety on different levels.  After much convincing they are now avid essential oil users with manageable anxiety levels.  Don’t get me wrong, essential oils don’t take away all your anxiety but they bring them down to a level you can manage and function with. In some people the anxiety disappears altogether.  What we need to remember is that essential oils are adaptogens, they will adapt with you, if you start using an essential oil with a mindset that they won’t work, then they actually won’t.  Some call this placebo I call this understand how your brain works.  This is sometimes the case with patients who have used meds their whole lives and become totally dependant on them and fear not using them. Chances are the oils won’t work for them because they have a mindset that medicine is the only thing that will work. You will find this a lot in the older generation.  But if you have an open mind to try natural things you will be pleasantly surprised how effectively they do work.

Medically – look I really think there is a place in our world for medicine, without it my youngest daughter would have died, but I think we could be diligent in seeking out the areas that we don’t really need to be using medicines. Headache tablets are a good example, grab some peppermint or lavender in place of tylenol, both work equally as well but the essential oils offer a natural solution and the tylenol a synthetic one.  I would never ingest oils, even though some of the best experts in the world will tell you it’s safe, I have read far too many articles that makes me believe otherwise. Most trained aromatherapists will warn you against it but, you do you.  My advice would be to not listen to your MLM uplines as most times they are not trained, do your own research and then do what you think is best for you and your family. Me, nope, not doing it unless it’s in the form of a supplement. The difference here is the supplement has to go through a process, if you ingest essential oils direct, you are taking the oil in it’s purest form which can be dangerous.

Diffusing is the most effective way to use essential oils for your emotions, clearing your space from negative energies and great for when you are not feeling so well.  Using the essential oils topically (on your skin) is another great way as this will send the oils straight into your blood stream giving you maximum effect. Ingesting is not only dangerous but not as effective as the other 2 methods as the oils have to pass through all your stomach acids which breaks down the oils effectiveness.

Oh I almost forgot, it is CRITICAL that you buy 100% pure oils. Oils you get from the chemist or grocery store will be full of synthetics and fillers. Ingest that and you are on a path to liver hell!  Always buy your oils from reputable companies, do your research, there are a lot of oil companies out there, look for recommendations, ratings and referrals.  Just because an oil label says 100% pure oil will only mean the oil content in that bottle is 100% pure. About 5% of that bottle will contain essential oil and the rest synthetics and fillers.  So be super careful.

So there you have it, if you are interested in natural remedies and solutions then try essential oils!