The Grandkids….

Well this is definitely one area I don’t post about on the webs but again, people are interested in what goes on in other parts of the world & in other families.  These are my grandkids, they are our greatest gifts, I often jest with my kids that I love the grandkids more than them hahahahaahaha.  I was at every single birth. I was lucky enough to be in the actually birthing suite with my second youngest grand daughter when she was born via c section, I got the first look at her and I even cut the chord. It was truly the most special gift a mother can be given.  We have 5 of the 7 n the spectrum. They range is ages from 12 to 4 and they are truly unique each in their own way.  There is not a weekend that we don’t have at least one of them.  Nannee’s place is their peace and quiet away from siblings, they can play the ipads without being disturbed, they get to be heard one on one, they get to play outside and just be themselves.  It’s breathing space for them to just be.  Over the years I always thought we were giving the parents a break but I didn’t realise we were giving the kids a break too, a break from routine and stressed parents, a break from having to do shit they don’t want to do, and just relaxing.

As grandparents this is very important, I never realised this until very recently, I just thought having the kids over and babysitting etc is what grandparents are “supposed” to do.  I didn’t realise the intense love you have for your grandchildren is so very important and helps shape their lives.  Children who have relationships with their grandparents will always have someone to talk to when they can’t go to their parents, they will always have a hug and kind word.  Grandparents not only provide love on a different level, but they can provide guidance and perspective that can only be taught in a grandparent kind of way.  So grandparents, you are so crucial to the development of your grandchildren, get more involved if you are able and enjoy every minute!


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